Microdaf Group was established in 1975
and is operating since then as a leading  business group in Israel.

Microdaf Group experience has been deployed in the following domains:

• Real Estate - Ownership and management of real estate in Israel
and international. The group specializes in the purchase of buildings, renovation and management them as income producing assets.

• PC software and hardware -  development and marketing of PC software and hardware.

• Managerial and consulatory services - using its highly capable and
experienced staff, the group is involved in data processing
consultancy, installation of information and computer systems,
facility management of computer centers, and managing of
problematic companies.

• Data Processing & Imaging services - leading information storage and retrieval firm in Israel, provides around the clock services and active in two main areas:

COM (Computer Output Microfilm / Microfiche) and COLD
services bureau. Microfilming of documents and technical drawings on
microfiche and microfilm

• Document  Imaging and Data Entry services.

• Advertising and consumer products.

• Financial Investments.

Microdaf Group is operating from its own building (36600 sq. feet)
which is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv’s business area (near Azrieli towers). This is "Microdaf building".

Microdaf Group staff includes computer professionals, having 40 years
of experience in all aspects of computer technology, outstanding in both hardware and software areas. The technical department maintains equipment used by Microdaf Group subsidiaries, including computers, computer peripherals, micrographic equipment etc. It also provides maintenance services for the equipment sold to the group's clients.

The professional staff of Group and its subsidiaries is also
engaged in R&D of software products as well as PC-mainframe and
COM-computer interfaces. The software and systems subsidiary backs and continuously upgrades the wide range of data conversion services which Microdaf Group operates.

Microdaf Group is intensively involved in the marketing of optical
systems, micrographics and computer equipment. Microdaf Group is
acting as a VAR (Value Added Reseller) in the image management
system area. The Group represents in Israel some of the leading
companies in these fields. Utilizing a state-of-the-art system, Microdaf
Group has successfully completed several installations of  Document Management  systems. One of the major installations is in the governmental sector, and it is the largest system ever installed in Israel.

Microdaf Group has excellent connections with major figures in
the Israeli economy
 and hundreds of clients. Intensive research and
development combined with an outstanding service and market
experience for four decades, have given Microdaf Group a
distinguished reputation for innovation and quality.

Among Microdaf Group clients are: largest banks in Israel, Investment Companies, Governmental entities, municipalities, universities, insurance companies, industrial companies, and more.

The experience, reputation, connections and heavy commitment to reliability enable Microdaf Group to meet any challenge.

Group structure